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Thank you Tony for suggesting the 7 day detox.  The first two days were hard, being that it was liquid only and the shake’s flavor was not my favorite one.   However, blending it with ice was a game changer in taste.   The detox made me feel more alert, energetic and less bloated.    I lost 4 pounds.   So yes… I will be doing it again!!!

Svetlana Lovett
Realtor at Dalton Wade, Inc.

Tony from Root Cause Focus has been working with me on finding the causes of my Digestive issues.   I have been taking notes on my journal about what I eat, how I feel, etc…   I’ve noticed that some foods affect me more than others, so I started changing the way I eat and I already seen improvements.    I will do the detox very soon.  I am pretty sure it will help.

Mildred Rivera

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